Water Project in Kenya

In Karungu, on the Kenyan side of Victoria Lake, an interesting project about purification and distribution of drinking water is now about to be completed!

The project is funded by the Italian Government through a project by Salute e Sviluppo NGO, and it will help about 50.000 people to get, for the first time in this area, easy access to drinking water.
The system is made of:
• A water picking point at the lake, that through solar panel alimented pumps brings water up to a hill.
• Three concrete tanks in the compound on the hill to provide three water treatments: sedimentation, sand filter, and ozonization; then the water flows into the new distribution net. The total capacity of the three tanks is around 650.000 liters.
• The distribution net, an underground aqueduct that is realized in this project, that through 4 km reaches the village of Sori.
• Five kiosks in the distribution route that allow people to collect water.
De Miranda Associati is Consultant for Salute e Sviluppo NGO for the structural design of the tanks, for the hydraulic distribution project, and for technical checks to the jobsite during the last three years.