Cable-stayed Bridge in Val di Pai [VIDEO]

The cable-stayed bridge in Val di Pai, in the Italian Alps, is now under construction: the casting of the mast is almost completed, as well as the assembly of its top steel element, and the assembly of the third segment of the steel deck structure is ongoing in these days.
The bridge, that overpasses a deep valley, will avoid cars to pass through a dangerous trench of the mountain roadway, and will also improve ski tourism in the area.
The bridge has a 48 m high concrete mast with Lambda shape, with a steel top and a tie-beam anchored in the rock side of the mountain.

In this VIDEO is shown the assembly of a part of the steel top of the mast and the insert of the tie beam.


The deck, has an initial trench that is curved in plan while the rest is straight, with a 118m central span over a 100 m deep valley; in these days are ongoing the assembly operations of the deck segments and the installation of the first provisional stay cables.
De Miranda Associati Consulting Engineers, in JV with Studio Erba, is responsible for the Full Design, Construction Engineering and Construction Supervision. The contractors are Cossi Costruzioni Spa and Omba; the stay cables are from Tensa.