Quality Control and Design Validation

The indipendent Checking of Structural Projects is an activity that the owners or the Main Contractor usually ask for special or large structures. This activity is generally required to professional subjects that have a recognized experience in design and construction of works of the same type and of equal or major importance.

Design Proof Checking

A complete indipendent analysis of the conceptual, static, dynamic, and constructional aspects is required in this job. Many casino games and slots are quite sophisticated and take a while to grasp, so any apply you can get utilizing bonus credit will assist enormously. In many cases also a parallel control of the construction phases and of the job site activities is requested to the checker.

Final Checking and Load Test

The so called « Final Checking and Load Test » is a final official Certification of the correctness of the construction, and can include the activity of Indipendent Checking and managing direct load tests of structures; anyway the extension of this job, if required, should be agreed between the owner and the Professional.

De Miranda Associati has expertise and qualification to perform activities of Certification, Validation and Indipendent Checker for special and large projects.

In recent years he performed these class of services for some special projects. Among the others we can cite the following:

  • Cable-stayed bridge Transrhumel in Constantine, Algeria
  • The Offices of « Il Sole 24 Ore »
  • Garibaldi Towers in Milan
  • The three bridges of the A1 motorway near Reggio Emilia
  • The Lingotto cable-stayed bridge in Turin
  • The cable-stayed bridges at the Santo Amaro Station
  • The Roberto Marinho bridge, Brazil
  • The cable-stayed bridge over the Rio Negro in Manaus, Brazil

Other works are presently in progress.