Portfolio Quality Control and Project Validation

Cable-stayed bridge "Jornalista Roberto Marinho" in San Paolo, Brasil

Cable-stayed bridge Signature on the Yamuna River, Delhi, India
Cable-stayed bridge over Rio Negro in Manaus, Brasil
Cable-stayed bridge Avenida do Estado in San Paolo, Brasil

Banked Helyport of the new "Lingotto" in Turin, Italy

Cable-stayed bridge Transrhumel, Constantine, Algeria

Highway bridge in Reggio Emilia - Central Arch Bridge

Highway cable-stayed bridges in Reggio Emilia - North Bridge and South Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge at Olympic Village in Torino

Trecho Santo Amaro cable stayed bridge over Rio Pinheiros, Brasil

Garibaldi Towers renovation

New "IlSole24Ore" headquarters

Cable-stayed bridge Padre Adelino in San Paolo, Brasil

Viaduct Bento Gonçalves, Porto Alegre, Brasil

Cable-stayed bridge over rio Poty, Teresina, Brasil