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Who we are

Studio DE MIRANDA Associati is a Consulting Engineering Firm specializing in the design of Bridges and Structures.

Founded in 1968 by professor Fabrizio de Miranda, the firm operates in the field of structural design under the management of the senior partners Mario de Miranda and Elena Gnecchi Ruscone.

The continuity of the design experience, developed through more than forty years of studies and designs, often characterized by innovative ideas, represents a strong tenet of the firm.

Studio De Miranda Associati has accumulated over the years a wide and well developed design know-how in many areas of bridge and structural engineering.

Through the use of the most modern, innovative, and effective operating tools and structural analysis codes, the Firm is able to create basic and detailed designs of highly demanding works.

The Firm also provides for Quality Control and Projects Validation, wind engineering and seismic engineering for the safety of the structures.

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