Bassora cable-stayed bridge: article on Bridge Design & Engineering

bassora_prevThe new cable-stayed bridge in Basrah, Iraq, is now about to be open to traffic, after two years since the first stake was installed.

The bridge crosses Shatt El Arab river in Bassora, the main port of Iraq, 420 km south from Bagdad and 50 km from the river delta into the Indian Ocean. The central bridge has three spans (69+150+69m), and length of 288 m, while the viaduct has variable spans from 39 to 69m, and a total length of 900m. The two towers are 40 m high from the top of the deck, and each tower has 14 stay cables converging on the top: 7 in the central span and 7 in the lateral span.

We post a recent article about the bridge published on Bridge Design & Engineering August Issue, and we will publish a full article on November BD&E Issue!