Extraordinary maintenance of a cable-stayed bridge in Brasil

Extraordinary maintenance of the cable-stayed bridge over Guamá river, near Belém, in Brazil, is now ongoing. The cable-stayed bridge has a length of 584 m with a 320m central span, and is part of the river-crossing that also includes the access viaducts, for a total length 1976m.

The Executive Design and the Construction Engineering have been carried out by our firm in 2000, and the construction was completed two years later, with the opening in October 2002 in the presence of the then-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

There are now ongoing the design activity (DMA) and execution (Protende Ltda) of the extraordinary mantainance operations that include inspection, control, and analysis to identify the need of eventual replacement of strands and expansion joints and other possibly damaged elements for the first time after 14 years. The operations and the construction stages are studied to have minimal interference with the intense traffic on the bridge.