Signature Bridge in Delhi will be completed in 2017

In 2017 Signature Bridge in Delhi will be completed and will become a landmark for the city.

The bridge has total length of 685m including the 110m approach viaduct, and has a steel-concrete composite structure with a 251m central span.

The steel mast is 150m high and it’s characterized by an interesting architecture: the lower part (pylon legs) has two separate towers, inclined in longitudinal and transversal side, and the upper part (pylon main body) is an single element with V shape.

Studio de Miranda Consulting Engineers is responsible for the Construction Engineering and for the Design of the Construction Structures for the assembly of the deck, built on provisional towers, and of the mast, built by lifting elements weighting up to 240t.

Thanks to an accurate analysis of the construction phases and to a proper managing of the deflections during the assembly, the two towers reached, at 90 m height, the connection phase with only a few millimeters between the two elements, allowing a perfect connection.

In the next months will continue the assembly of the mast and will start the installation of the stays.