Genova Bridge: our Design in 2003

Back in 2003 Studio de Miranda presented the Design of the new bridge over Polcevera river, in Genova, to replace the existing, already very damaged.

At that time for bureaucratic and political reasons the design did not become reality, and in 2018 the old bridge disastrously collapsed.

We chose not to participate to the 2018 tender, but we are glad to show and remember how we imagined a new bridge 15 years ago.

The design was a Cable Stayed Bridge with 4 pylons and 5 spans: two side spans and three main spans of 250 m (125 + 250 + 250 + 250 +125 m) studied to avoid piers’ interferences with the existing buildings, factory, and park in the area.

The bridge centerline was parallel to the existing one, and the main guidelines for the new cable-stayed bridge were the research of a high structural transparency, essentiality and a regular spacing in bridge spans.

The viaduct had 4 identical structural elements, each of them composed by Pier, Pylon, and Deck, suspended through stay cables.

The structure was symmetric also in vertical plane: piers and pylons had the same height, making the deck the symmetry axis.

Here below we share some images of our design.


Here a link to an interview -in italian- to prof. Mario de Miranda few days after the old bridge collapse.